Race To Freedom

By Nathaniel E. Hocker on February 8, 2020

Clink. Clank. Clack. Chains are breaking. Let every heart become the field of all that is holy.

The weight of courage is heavy, the heart beats fast. We cannot fear the finish line.

The race to freedom is likened to a snowflake. It’s design is exquisite, it’s life governed by the fall.

We hit the ground running with the fire of commitment. Our stride is steady, losing is not an option.

Time is on the side of no one, we stop for nothing. Our spirits long to be quenched with the saturation of victory.

As the pavement is hard, our feet are tortured with every pound. Our bones are wrought by the vibrations of endurance.

The color of life blinds our eyes as shades of red mark our way forward. We are wounded by faith, scarred with passion.

We run with a mighty fervor, we rival for greatness. Our course is set, forward is the way.

Orgasmic is the joy that overtakes our lifeless bodies. We are charred from the rays of the sun, crisp with desire. 

The ground is warm as the earth soothes our pain. Healing takes hold, our muscles throbbing in anguish.

Freedom is like forbidden fruit, we want it, we feel it, we lust after it. Oh, the sweetest of taste it is . . . We’ve made it!

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