This is Worship

By Nathaniel E. Hocker on September 14th 2019

To worship is to find hope in the darkest of night, a ray of light in the smallest of crevice.

To worship is to ignite the senses, a flower who’s effervescence wreaks of heavenly delight. 

To worship is to know harmony within a broken melody, accompanied by a clash of unscathed tempo.

To worship is to go the distance, unsure the length of the journey.

To worship is to taste the sweetest of honey, the tongue scorched by the work of innocents.

To worship is to be unsettled, the body in a state of constant shock.

To worship is to know the fear of night, while knowing that joy comes in the morning.

Offering our lives as a living sacrifice to justice, humbling ourselves before community; intimacy with the Spirit of Life . . .

This is worship.

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